What is the greenhouse effect?

What is the greenhouse effect?

What is the greenhouse effect?

The concept is pretty basic but, the effects will be catastrophic if we do nothing to end it. If you look at the purpose of a greenhouse, which is to capture solar radiation that comes through the glass windows and to prevent airflow, then it’s basically the same thing as our atmosphere.

What is the greenhouse effect and what causes it?

In our atmosphere, solar radiation is allowed to enter the atmosphere by the ozone layer. The ozone layer can be seen as the “glass of the greenhouse,” or rather what is left of the ozone layer. As we pour more and more greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere, is thickens the layer that allows the sun’s rays in. When it gets to a point of being too thick, it will act like insulation. It holds the heat in. This is what is causing global warming.

What is the greenhouse effect and a normal atmosphere?

A normal atmosphere allows the solar radiation in, during the day but, it also allows the heat to be released out of the atmosphere at night. With the introduction of so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere the heat is not able to escape. Hence, a warming of the planet is occurring.The earth has a natural greenhouse effect that allows life to exist, but burning fossil-fuels and destroying forests have turned the greenhouse into a hothouse. The damaged ozone layer, also a result of harmful gases, can’t moderate the amount of solar radiation that is penetrating the atmosphere. This should have been a big warning sign years ago and yet it only managed to produce higher PF sunscreens. The large amounts of carbon dioxide we are currently emitting keeps intensifying the greenhouse effect.

What is the greenhouse effect and the deniers

Believe it or not, there are still people out there disputing this. Guilt is not part of their vocabulary and neither is logic. It was only a matter of time before man-made creations, such as the automobiles, power plants and factories, caught up and over powered the limited resources of our atmosphere. What was supposed to progress has turned into our worst nightmare! The sad part has to be that the existence of the greenhouse effect was brought to light in 1824 by Joseph Fourier. This means that it took almost 200 years for us to realize the imminent danger facing us today.

What is the greenhouse effect and the catastrophic effects it is having?

If we look at the changes that have happened due to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, they are most commonly connected to climate changes. The concentration of carbon dioxide has risen from 313 ppm (parts per million) in 1960 to an all-time maximum of 400 ppm in 2012. We saw that 2012 was the warmest year on record. This will mean that the planet is getting hotter, ice caps are melting and the sea levels are rising. According to the experts, we are currently boosting the greenhouse effect to the similar levels of the planet Venus, which doesn’t cater for any living creatures of any kind, by the way.

What is the solution?

It cannot be denied that each flower, tree and blade of grass is a living organism. Furthermore, these organisms have created an atmosphere for us to live in and will continue to, if we don’t destroy them .When did it start to make sense that chopping down the plant life on our planet can be good for our health or our environment? By simply being more aware of our actions and finding alternative ways of transportation or even something as simple as lighting our homes can lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases. Our way of living is just not natural anymore and can’t be sustained. We must act now! Before it’s too late.The small gap we have left with in making the necessary changes is closing rapidly.

An unknown professor made a remark that “… all animals and insects are linked like a chain. If only one link is broken then the rest have no choice but, to fall apart.” Now keep in mind that there are numerous links missing already thanks to our ignorance. If this guy is right then all that remains is for everything to fall apart.

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