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Solar Panel Inverters – What Are They?

Solar Panel Inverters – What Are They?

If you decide to invest money in buying and installing a solar energy system at home, and your investment will more than pay for itself given enough time. You’ll save so much money on your utility bills that you will probably not need to wait more than five years to make your investment back.

Most people who decide to take the plunge going solar, mostly only think of the most visible part of the system – those huge PV arrays on the roof that announce to everyone that you’ve gone green. Well, there’s another part to any solar energy system that you need to think about too as Martin from ACE, a long establishes firm of Aberdeen electricians explains. Solar systems always need solar panel inverters to take the direct current put out by PV panels and convert them to usable utility-style alternating current.

No one gives much thought to solar panel inverters – they just seem like they are a cog in the wheel – that they don’t do anything special.

Of course, that’s not true. You need efficient solar panel inverters to really get steady and usable power out of your solar arrays. Certainly, you could just order solar installers to come in and do the whole thing, you wouldn’t have to ever think about the components that went into the system. If you are  more hands-on kind though, you’ll find that you you can often get a better system to go shopping around yourself. When you head … More...