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Why Solar

Why Solar

Affluent ancient Greeks designed their homes orientated to the sun to use winter sunlight for heating. Large south-facing windows were used to collect solar heat, which was stored in massive walls and floors for gradual release throughout the night. The overhangs would heat the homes in the winter and shade out the sun in summer.

“Sun power is a pure gain to humanity, It subtracts nothing, the world will not be in the last impoverished tomorrow by the fullest use of visible solar heat to-day” -C.H. Pope 1903

Solar energy has been suppressed for too long. The question is, who will own the sun? Some might say that “power corrupts” was written about man’s control over other men but it also applies to his control over energy resources. Solar energy put to full use would help to give the world energy independence, minimizing dangerous pollution levels and our dependence on fossil fuels.

Who would think, in this age of environmental concern that some people can still feel that solar energy does not work. Some people feel solar will be practical when all the oil runs out. This is not true!. Solar is cost effective right now, especially when you consider the cost to our health from air pollution, solar is just as competitive as any other energy source.

There are over one hundred thousand solar powered homes in the world. These pioneering home owners can now cut their ties to the utility grid and become their own power company. … More...