Lighter And More Efficient Kaneka Solar Panels

Lighter And More Efficient Kaneka Solar Panels

With the world on a constant search for alternative sustainable power source, the use of solar power has been brought into more scrutiny. Generating electricity from solar energy using solar panels has always been controlled by the efficiency of the solar panels and how much solar is available at a location.

This is however not the case since new more efficient panels are now in the market.

Mostly, when people hear the word solar panels what comes to head is heavy and bulky crystalline appliances. This is however not the case with Kaneka solar panels as they have delved into the world of technology and emerged with thin film modules that are very unique when compared with the native crystalline counterparts. Apart from their thinness hence less bulkiness, these solar panels boast of a higher efficiency rate.

Their cell structure is less affected by shadow meaning that the panels can be designed and fitted in more places regardless of whether they will be shadowed or not. Categories offered by the Kaneka solar panels include the HYBRID solar module. This is a dual layered structure of the microcrystalline and amorphous silicon that are able to capture and use from short wavelength light to long wavelength in the light spectrum. This in turn allows them to convert more of the sunlight into electricity. Unlike the case for traditional crystalline panels, the hybrid cells allow the panel to fully function even if part of it is in the shade. Due to this, the installation of the solar panels is less limiting since you can place them in a place where they might be partly shadowed or on a sharply sloping roof and still get a good amount of electricity from the sun. This capability enhances their power generation efficiency by up to thirty percent when compared to conventional thin-film amophours silicon panels.

kaneka solar panelsIn addition to these, they also deliver a lower open circuit voltage for enhanced design capability making the Kaneka hybrid design the solar panel module of the future. Another benefit that comes with the size and installation option of the Kaneka solar panels is that more panels can fit into a given space at a go and still perform to the optimum. For instance, you can literally cover your all roof with the panels without getting worried of the weight your roofing beams have to bear or the shadow cast by your chimney onto the solar panels.

Due to the amount of technology and products used to pack all these performance into one package, it should be expected that Kaneka solar panels will go for a good amount of money. However, this should not come as a shock since with solar power generation; size is not what matters but the overall wattage output of a panel and its lifespan.

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