How An Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Business Can Be a Profitable Venture

How An Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Business Can Be a Profitable Venture

Recently I was speaking to a very good friend of mine who runs how own successful landscaping business. Whats more, hes done this for over 20 years and has grown it (organically!) to be a profitable venture. Hes well known in the local area for producing hgh quality work and has built up a loyal customer base. Not only that but the success has meant he is able to pay his employees well and also has a number of dedicated work crews that operate all over the region. I once asked him if he would mind sharing with me how much he was making, because I couldn’t help but notice that he owned a lovely home, had a couple of brand new cars (and work vehicles) and was able to pay his childrens’ way through college which is no mean feat these days! I actually came to discover that he makes very good money and that a successful landscaping business can be very profitable.But, I wondered was this at the expense of his green credentials?

I asked him if he had ever had the desire to do anything other than run his landscaping business. But, you know what, he didn’t even have to think about it. He simply shook his head no, and that was that. I asked him why, and, in typical style, he just made a joke that he was just too stupid to do anything else. but, of course, the real reason he loves this business is that he just knew that he would be good at it and that he could make a good living. These days he spends a lot of time research green landscaping techniques and has become a bit of an expert at installing domestic and commercial solar power systems as well as using carbon neutral products so he also has the added satisfaction of knowing that he is doing good while making money so its a win-win situation.

My friend, who I should have mentioned runs Barmekin Groundcare – you can check them out online – has made it a point of his to serve his customers well. He offers them a reasonable price for his services and uses environmentally friendly products and top of the line equipment to ensure a great outcome. He also worked hard over the years to make sure that his workers are paid well and this helps them to take real pride in their work!! Makes sense. As you can imagine, before he knew it, he had so many customers that he didn’t know if he would be able to handle them all!! One night when my wife and I were all visiting, he told me that he had 145 jobs that he tended regularly, and that was without any commercial work. Amazing.. His landscaping business was booming, and it never seemed to go down.

Being a nosey kind of guy I went to visit him one Saturday when he was doing his accounts. He invited me into his office and showed me where he was doing payroll, working out taxes, paying his expenses and so forth. It all seemed quite complicated, but as he told me, it was all simply all part of running a successful landscaping business, really any business for that matter. He said that his father had taught him all of that when he was younger as well, and said running his business really came second nature to him.

My friend does a fantastic job running his landscaping business, and I am really proud of him for the effort he has made in that respect. He takes care of my lawn and those of several of our friends, and he has never seemed the slightest bit embarrassed. After seeing how he lives, I understand why!

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