Choosing The Correct Tankless Water Heater

Choosing The Correct Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are exactly what they sounds like – they heat water up so quickly, that they don’t need for the water to stand in a tank while they heat the water. These appliances can heat water that’s just passing through. When you look at an electric tankless water heater, you’ll probably be appalled at how much power it consumes – usually, these machines consume about as much power as a dozen 12,000 BTU domestic air conditioners. A typical model uses up about 13,000 watts. You’d think that it would be able to practically boil water with that kind of power. But you would be wrong.

In deep winter, when it’s snowing outside, a tankless water heater that promises to put out 3 gallons of water a minute will not be hot enough for most people. It’ll just be tolerable. For a really invigorating hot shower, you’ll probably need something that’s even more powerful.

The thing is, even with something that uses a power this quickly, you still get a tax credit in some places for using an energy-efficient device. That’s because the alternative – using a storage water heater – is very wasteful. There’s all that water that you heat that you don’t end up using right away. All of it is just heated for no reason. Even with the most powerful tankless water heater, for a full 20 min. shower, you won’t spend more than 20 cents.

Basically, if you’re going to buy an electric tankless water heater, you want to go as insanely high with the power as you possibly can. Stiebel for instance, makes whole-house water heaters that consumes about 20,000 watts. Now that’s the kind of thing that can really power a shower in any kind of weather. You’ll never be left wondering why you’re in a lukewarm shower.

Make sure that you get your tankless water heater is installed correctly, and you can optimize how energy-efficient it is. For instance, the closer to the point of use your contractor installs your heater, the less the energy that is wasted as the water goes from the tank all the way to the shower or wherever you using it.

In fact, you would do very well to get single point of use tankless water heaters for your sink, the washbasin and other places around the house. This would make sure that you waste as little energy as possible to water traveling down your pipes, just make sure that you get a reputable plumbing company like MES FM to install it for you

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