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How To Benefit From Free Wind Power

How To Benefit From Free Wind Power

With The consumption of electricity by us the general home owner at an all time high, it is about time we all started to do something about it and now with our FREE plans and guide you really can and start saving money at the same time. Learn How To Make Wind Power Generators  get these FREE Plans here..

We are burning up the earths supply of fossil fuels at a non sustainable rate and for many so many years now the alternatives have been expensive and inefficient. But with today’s advances in technology and designs  there is new hope for every home owner.
Some of The best alternative energy now is wind and solar power energy that can generate enough electricity to power your home or small business. This is a great reason to learn How To Make Wind Power Generators For Home Use.

WIND  and solar energy are not only good for the environment and renewable but after the original set up are free. Residential WIND And SOLAR power systems are now very efficient and offer a real alternative to the main grid supply of electricity. There are now many benefits to having your own wind and solar power to generate your own electricity, here are just a few reasons …

1: The supply of wind and solar power is infinite. As long as there is a sun in the sky and wind in your hair, there will never be a shortage of power to supply your … More...



If you have been thinking about investing in solar panels for your home, then you are probably aware of the proposed changes to the feed in tariff (FITs) for new Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations.

As part of the review consultation, the proposal is that if you install Solar PV and your solar panel installation is not registered with your utility provider on or before 12th December 2011 you could be affected by the proposed changes, which are broadly as set out here:

It is true that these figures are still under discussion and review, but if you are considering installing solar panels for your home after 12th December 2011 then it is recommended that you base your decision on the lower rates of feed in tariff.

In terms of deciding whether to install solar panels (setting the environmental considerations aside) the potential financial returns from investing are possibly the biggest influencing factor – do solar panels still represent a good investment?

As is clearly demonstrated by this example, double digit tax free returns are still realistically achievable, (even lower installation prices have been quoted to the writer) due in part to the significant reductions in cost for the hardware (solar panels) and high levels of competition in the solar pv market.

In my opinion, installing solar panels for your home still represents one of the best investments around, to find out if your home is suitable for installing solar pv and what financial benefits you could receive, simply More...

A Complete Guide To Solar Power

A Complete Guide To Solar Power

Steady funds from the government and the pouring support of investors have lead to innovations in solar energy’s infinite potential. One of the companies currently working in this arena is MES Power who also specialise in high voltage power engineering and wind turbine hookups. There are three solar energy active conversions: solar photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, and solar heating and cooling.

Photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels use silicon solar panels to convert the sun’s radiation to electrical energy. PV cells can be installed according to electricity needs and can power small devices like calculators and watches to a whole residential power requirement. There are also two kinds of photovoltaic panels: crystalline silicon (c-Si) modules and thin film modules.

C-Si modules. The majority of PV modules are based in crystalline silicon due to abundant resources. There are two main forms of c-Si: single-c-Si module and mc-Si or multi-crystalline silicon module. Commercial sc-Si converts electricity better than mc-Si while the latter is less expensive than single crystalline silicon modules.

Thin film modules Thin film PV modules are made by depositing extremely thin layers of photosensitive materials in glass, plastic, or stainless steel backing. The first thin film produce is a-Si or amorphous silicon. It offers several advantages including low consumption of raw materials, high production and automation efficiency, better performance in high ambient temperature, simple assembly and manufacturing integration, and more resistant to overheating. On the other hand, thin film modules have lower efficiency than crystalline silicon modules and the industry is yet … More...

Solar Panel Inverters – What Are They?

Solar Panel Inverters – What Are They?

If you decide to invest money in buying and installing a solar energy system at home, and your investment will more than pay for itself given enough time. You’ll save so much money on your utility bills that you will probably not need to wait more than five years to make your investment back.

Most people who decide to take the plunge going solar, mostly only think of the most visible part of the system – those huge PV arrays on the roof that announce to everyone that you’ve gone green. Well, there’s another part to any solar energy system that you need to think about too as Martin from ACE, a long establishes firm of Aberdeen electricians explains. Solar systems always need solar panel inverters to take the direct current put out by PV panels and convert them to usable utility-style alternating current.

No one gives much thought to solar panel inverters – they just seem like they are a cog in the wheel – that they don’t do anything special.

Of course, that’s not true. You need efficient solar panel inverters to really get steady and usable power out of your solar arrays. Certainly, you could just order solar installers to come in and do the whole thing, you wouldn’t have to ever think about the components that went into the system. If you are  more hands-on kind though, you’ll find that you you can often get a better system to go shopping around yourself. When you head … More...