How To Benefit From Free Wind Power

How To Benefit From Free Wind Power

With The consumption of electricity by us the general home owner at an all time high, it is about time we all started to do something about it and now with our FREE plans and guide you really can and start saving money at the same time. Learn How To Make Wind Power Generators  get these FREE Plans here..

We are burning up the earths supply of fossil fuels at a non sustainable rate and for many so many years now the alternatives have been expensive and inefficient. But with today’s advances in technology and designs  there is new hope for every home owner.
Some of The best alternative energy now is wind and solar power energy that can generate enough electricity to power your home or small business. This is a great reason to learn How To Make Wind Power Generators For Home Use.

WIND  and solar energy are not only good for the environment and renewable but after the original set up are free. Residential WIND And SOLAR power systems are now very efficient and offer a real alternative to the main grid supply of electricity. There are now many benefits to having your own wind and solar power to generate your own electricity, here are just a few reasons …

1: The supply of wind and solar power is infinite. As long as there is a sun in the sky and wind in your hair, there will never be a shortage of power to supply your … More...

Can GeoThermal Energy Really save us All?

Can GeoThermal Energy Really save us All?

Technological innovation involved with geothermal energy is the latest area of energy that must be explored. It is one area which includes quite a lot of potential. Our planet produces a huge amount of energy that has never been taken advantage of. Without us even comprehending it, below our feet lies an impressive amount of energy that has largely gone unnoticed. Virtually all that needs to be done is to look for ways to take full advantage of this unused energy. The middle of the Earth is normally about sixty times hotter than boiling water. There’s a lot of energy just a few miles below the Earth’s surface that have already been created from the scorching heat generated from the Earth’s core.

If you have at any time watched what occurs when a volcano erupts, you will know that there is much power and also energy in the magma, or superheated fluids. Much of this energy goes to the surface area via steam. Some individuals have created their own vents and containment chambers to transform the magma into energy to power their homes. A geothermal plant for energy could be produced by digging a well near a good source of this very hot fluid. The set up would allow the steam to be delivered through pipes to deliver energy. Thus the steam that presses through will turn a turbine generator, which will then turn out electricity.

Geothermal energy is getting prevented on a large-scale because of lots of criticism of … More...

How To Ensure Your HVAC System Is operating Efficiently

How To Ensure Your HVAC System Is operating Efficiently

We should all think of our homes as an energy system. Although the furnace may create and deliver heat, it can’t do so effectively if heat is lost in ducts, through walls, in the attic or through cracks in doors and windows.

According to Aircon Scotland even the most efficient furnace needs a little help and proper maintenance to provide the best results.

Since heating and cooling often make up 45 percent of the energy bill, it’s well worth it to tidy up operations.

Efficient furnaces and air conditioners

If you’re in the market for a new heating or cooling system, it’s the perfect time to go for high-efficiency. Your contractor should be able to point out the best models and help you find the right fit for your home. If you’ve already insulated and been busy sealing leaks and drafts in the home, you might even be able to get away with a smaller, cheaper furnace.

Furnaces have a minimum 78 percent AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating, but some models are over 90 percent efficient. Air conditioners go by the SEER standard (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), and must meet a minimum of SEER 13.

When ventilation has been reduced through efficiency measures, it can become necessary to install air exchange units. Heat-recovery ventilators trade indoor air for out but keep the heat from leaving, too.

Proper maintenance

Change furnace and air conditioning filters – Furnaces and air conditioners must work harder to pull air in through clogged filters, … More...

Energy Efficient Lighting Is The Future

Energy Efficient Lighting Is The Future

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs as the often spiral-shaped bulbs are known, can work just as well as any incandescent bulb, while using less energy, lasting longer and providing increased safety. If you want to ease yourself into fluorescent lighting – because it does cost more initially – replace the most often-used bulbs.

Those are usually the kitchen, living room, bathroom and outdoor porch lights.

CFL’s save money

According to the statistics, changing just five lights to efficient bulbs like CFLs would save $60 a year in energy costs. But you don’t have to stop there. Although CFLs cost more, it’s easy to find them on sale and they are often cheaper in large quantities. Buy enough to fit most of the fixtures in your home, even if you don’t need to replace the bulbs yet. When current bulbs burn out, the new CFLs are already on hand.

Almost an entire home can be lit by compact fluorescent light bulbs, meaning frequent light bulb changes will be a thing of the past and power consumption will be cut drastically.

Some CFL facts:

  • Last up to 10 times longer than incandescents
  • Use about 2/3 less energy
  • Generate only 30 percent the heat, meaning safer operation (and less heat added to the home)
  • Different types can fit most regular fixtures
  • Can work indoors or out

To be qualified as Energy Star, the gold standard in energy efficiency, CFLs must give off the same amount of light as regular bulbs, turn on … More...

What is the greenhouse effect?

What is the greenhouse effect?

What is the greenhouse effect?

The concept is pretty basic but, the effects will be catastrophic if we do nothing to end it. If you look at the purpose of a greenhouse, which is to capture solar radiation that comes through the glass windows and to prevent airflow, then it’s basically the same thing as our atmosphere.

What is the greenhouse effect and what causes it?

In our atmosphere, solar radiation is allowed to enter the atmosphere by the ozone layer. The ozone layer can be seen as the “glass of the greenhouse,” or rather what is left of the ozone layer. As we pour more and more greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere, is thickens the layer that allows the sun’s rays in. When it gets to a point of being too thick, it will act like insulation. It holds the heat in. This is what is causing global warming.

What is the greenhouse effect and a normal atmosphere?

A normal atmosphere allows the solar radiation in, during the day but, it also allows the heat to be released out of the atmosphere at night. With the introduction of so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere the heat is not able to escape. Hence, a warming of the planet is occurring.The earth has a natural greenhouse effect that allows life to exist, but burning fossil-fuels and destroying forests have turned the greenhouse into a hothouse. The damaged ozone layer, also a result of harmful gases, can’t … More...



If you have been thinking about investing in solar panels for your home, then you are probably aware of the proposed changes to the feed in tariff (FITs) for new Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations.

As part of the review consultation, the proposal is that if you install Solar PV and your solar panel installation is not registered with your utility provider on or before 12th December 2011 you could be affected by the proposed changes, which are broadly as set out here:

It is true that these figures are still under discussion and review, but if you are considering installing solar panels for your home after 12th December 2011 then it is recommended that you base your decision on the lower rates of feed in tariff.

In terms of deciding whether to install solar panels (setting the environmental considerations aside) the potential financial returns from investing are possibly the biggest influencing factor – do solar panels still represent a good investment?

As is clearly demonstrated by this example, double digit tax free returns are still realistically achievable, (even lower installation prices have been quoted to the writer) due in part to the significant reductions in cost for the hardware (solar panels) and high levels of competition in the solar pv market.

In my opinion, installing solar panels for your home still represents one of the best investments around, to find out if your home is suitable for installing solar pv and what financial benefits you could receive, simply More...

A Complete Guide To Solar Power

A Complete Guide To Solar Power

Steady funds from the government and the pouring support of investors have lead to innovations in solar energy’s infinite potential. One of the companies currently working in this arena is MES Power who also specialise in high voltage power engineering and wind turbine hookups. There are three solar energy active conversions: solar photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, and solar heating and cooling.

Photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels use silicon solar panels to convert the sun’s radiation to electrical energy. PV cells can be installed according to electricity needs and can power small devices like calculators and watches to a whole residential power requirement. There are also two kinds of photovoltaic panels: crystalline silicon (c-Si) modules and thin film modules.

C-Si modules. The majority of PV modules are based in crystalline silicon due to abundant resources. There are two main forms of c-Si: single-c-Si module and mc-Si or multi-crystalline silicon module. Commercial sc-Si converts electricity better than mc-Si while the latter is less expensive than single crystalline silicon modules.

Thin film modules Thin film PV modules are made by depositing extremely thin layers of photosensitive materials in glass, plastic, or stainless steel backing. The first thin film produce is a-Si or amorphous silicon. It offers several advantages including low consumption of raw materials, high production and automation efficiency, better performance in high ambient temperature, simple assembly and manufacturing integration, and more resistant to overheating. On the other hand, thin film modules have lower efficiency than crystalline silicon modules and the industry is yet … More...

Choosing The Correct Tankless Water Heater

Choosing The Correct Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are exactly what they sounds like – they heat water up so quickly, that they don’t need for the water to stand in a tank while they heat the water. These appliances can heat water that’s just passing through. When you look at an electric tankless water heater, you’ll probably be appalled at how much power it consumes – usually, these machines consume about as much power as a dozen 12,000 BTU domestic air conditioners. A typical model uses up about 13,000 watts. You’d think that it would be able to practically boil water with that kind of power. But you would be wrong.

In deep winter, when it’s snowing outside, a tankless water heater that promises to put out 3 gallons of water a minute will not be hot enough for most people. It’ll just be tolerable. For a really invigorating hot shower, you’ll probably need something that’s even more powerful.

The thing is, even with something that uses a power this quickly, you still get a tax credit in some places for using an energy-efficient device. That’s because the alternative – using a storage water heater – is very wasteful. There’s all that water that you heat that you don’t end up using right away. All of it is just heated for no reason. Even with the most powerful tankless water heater, for a full 20 min. shower, you won’t spend more than 20 cents.

Basically, if you’re going to buy an electric tankless water … More...

Why Solar

Why Solar

Affluent ancient Greeks designed their homes orientated to the sun to use winter sunlight for heating. Large south-facing windows were used to collect solar heat, which was stored in massive walls and floors for gradual release throughout the night. The overhangs would heat the homes in the winter and shade out the sun in summer.

“Sun power is a pure gain to humanity, It subtracts nothing, the world will not be in the last impoverished tomorrow by the fullest use of visible solar heat to-day” -C.H. Pope 1903

Solar energy has been suppressed for too long. The question is, who will own the sun? Some might say that “power corrupts” was written about man’s control over other men but it also applies to his control over energy resources. Solar energy put to full use would help to give the world energy independence, minimizing dangerous pollution levels and our dependence on fossil fuels.

Who would think, in this age of environmental concern that some people can still feel that solar energy does not work. Some people feel solar will be practical when all the oil runs out. This is not true!. Solar is cost effective right now, especially when you consider the cost to our health from air pollution, solar is just as competitive as any other energy source.

There are over one hundred thousand solar powered homes in the world. These pioneering home owners can now cut their ties to the utility grid and become their own power company. … More...

Do It Yourself Solar Kits

Do It Yourself Solar Kits

When it comes to providing your home with a better supplement of energy, there is no better way to save money when it comes to using do it yourself solar kits. There are numerous reasons when it comes to why these have become so popular over the last few years. Lets examine why.

The kits not only are capable of saving money, but they can even be simply installed using standard household tools. As well as having the ability of being able to save money on your next energy bill, solar panels are considered a great way of getting started to use solar energy. Also, the kits are ideal for those of us who are looking a way to cut down on high energy costs and therefore making our energy bill more affordable than they have been in the past.

When it comes to checking to see if your house is suitable for installing a solar power kit, then there are a few thing to consider. These things can include; making sure your house is moderne, and very energy efficient.Do it yourself solar kits are available in a few different models, but all will consist of almost the same components. The primary compnent, of course, are the solar cells. Silicone based panels have been generally considered to be the best, but there are many different sizes available. The main sizes are squares and rectangles, the reason for this is because so they can easily be placed side by side.

Another … More...